lunge or run?

some type of mantis

Mantises are such interesting insects. I wish I could have captured how this one was rotating his head as if he was sizing me up in order to form his strategy.

After owning a macro for several months, I can say 1. I’m more addicted than ever. (the name “crack-ro” in previous posts still holds) and 2. It’s as difficult as ever to keep the right focus point and also to find the right aperture.  So, I’ve just chosen to take the volume approach…shooting ridiculous amounts of photos and hoping I’ll end up with one that’s decent.

Desley Jane is corrupting me by pressuring me to submit an ADDITIONAL PHOTO *GASP* to the Daily Prompt folks.  So I just tagged this one.  If I end up in WordPress Jail, somebody send me my camera, my macro lens, my big mama zoom lens, some Starbucks coffee, and Haribo gummy bears. I’ll be good for at least a few hours.


16 thoughts on “lunge or run?

      1. 😀 Looks worth it! I love that you can see his pupils. Wait, do bugs have pupils? I love that you can see that bugs little black eye dots!!!

  1. Awesome picture of an interesting creature. Did you know that the daily post photo challenge for this week is Close Up? Your photo would be a perfect contribution!

  2. Brilliant photo! It’s perfectly composed, coloured, timed, love it. And I am addicted as well so I feel your pain. Oh and I am submitting multiple posts for the weekly challenge, I’m greedy with the golden tickets LOL.

  3. Love this shot. I haven’t seen a mantis in a long time. I used to see them a lot growing up in CT. Living in NH I come across them every once in a while but not nearly enough. They’re such cool insects.

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