day 4: sometimes love looks like knee surgery


Our college girl tore her ACL and her meniscus while on a spring break ski trip.  She gets to wait until the end of the semester, but four days after she’s done, she’s going in for surgery.  She’s one tough kid, and she’s handling this trial remarkably well.   But, there have been moments when we’re talking on the phone and I hear her voice get a little trembly.

It’s all I can do to maintain some semblance of composure.

It’s funny how when my girls are hurting, my heart responds as if they were little children again.   Pain can leave us exposed–make us vulnerable.  The Mama Bear in me wants to protect her with all my might.   I would like to camp outside of her dormitory and follow her wherever she goes for the next month, but something tells me Jenna might dislike that idea.

So, instead of loading up my sleeping bag, I will load up on prayers. She belongs to the Father of mercies and the God of all comfort.  He promises that when she is weak, He is strong.  And He promises that all things work together for good of those who love Him and are called according to His purposes.

And, He promises to always make good on His promises.


10 thoughts on “day 4: sometimes love looks like knee surgery

  1. I love the post. And I feel you have touched on a very important topic as well. Remember Christ came for the sick and not the well, though this is a spiritual reference to health it works as well for the physical. It’s not about being perfect but overcoming the obstacles life likes to put in your way. It is only when our metal is tested that it becomes hardened and we become instruments of usefulness like a sword of truth. In the hands of a master tested metal can cut through anything, hence the story of Excalibur, the unbreakable sword of truth. Only through testing do things become strong. it’s almost as if it were a curse to go too long without something to play the villain so that the hero inside you can emerge.

    So I say blessed are the weak for they will find strength in measures well beyond anyone already healthy can ever comprehend. Amen & keep on being strong!

    PS: I hope your baby heals quickly.

  2. Praying with you mama bear. Always a good reminder that the Lord’s eyes are upon our children’s hurts both physically and spiritually. He is faithful!

  3. God’s love covers all our hurts. Thanks for sharing your “mama bear” moment with us. It is touching and I love your family so much!

  4. Prayers for you both!! I went through a similar situation when my daughter broke her humerus bone (spiral fracture requiring immediate surgery). I live in Sacramento, she lived in San Jose. During the beginning of my busiest week at work, I had to take 4 days off to go help her and deal with doctors, etc, hep her get dressed and comfort her while she cried in pain when the nerve blocker wore off after surgery. It was worth every moment and helped our mom-daughter bond. You will be there for your baby when she needs it most ❤

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