day 3: love looks like cousins


There has been a month between days on the GD&C blog, because that has sort of been my life lately.

This “love looks like” photo was shot today.   Mr. Graydays’ family lives over 2 hours away, and so we don’t see them as often as we would like to, or as often as we should.  However, the long time lapses don’t seem to strain the affection shared  between these cousins.

My heart feels a little more full and at peace tonight.  I’m thankful for family and for laughter.   I’m thankful for how much my husband lights up around his parents and sister and her family.  I’m thankful for my 80’s playlist we blasted while on the car ride home, for the way Bart and I grossed out our kids singing “She Blinded Me With Science,” and for photography.

Last fall, when I started taking more pics on purpose, one of my goals was to take photos that move me emotionally the way so many other people’s  photos do.  I’m pretty(extremely) hard on myself, and after uploading photos, ninety(nine) percent of the time I end up ticked off at the obvious, stupid, rookie mistakes I seem to constantly make.  But tonight, when this photo appeared on my screen…

I just smiled.

(then I cursed myself for not having a higher numbered iso and aperture so that more of the photo was in focus)

But, it was a lovely 5 minutes anyway. 🙂


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