We’ve called this child “The Contrarian” since she was a baby.  At 10 months, she was speaking in full sentences, using her newfound power mostly to argue with us.  My dad still laughs about how, at 9 months, Sarah declared that a goose in a picture on their wall was a duck.  My dad would say, “No, that’s a goose.”  She’d say “NO!  GUCK!”

The wonderful dichotomy of Sarah Jane is that generally she has a really sweet and gentle spirit.  But when it comes to the truth, she can’t abide discrepancies.   She’s an acute listener, which makes conversation with her both stimulating and sometimes exhausting because she doesn’t miss a thing.  I would say in a world full of people who mostly just want to blather on about themselves and who hear little of what others have to say, Sarah Jane is a rare and special one.  She sure is extraordinary to us, anyway.  I’ll take conversation with The Contrarian over one with A Mindless Blatherer any day of the week.


6 thoughts on “converse

  1. Oh my gosh! This is by far your best post on your blog. It is amazing to me that you have such an economy of words to perfectly describe one of the best people on this Earth in Sarah Jane Qualsett. Love you both so much.

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