just enough is more than enough.

The night before a sunrise shoot is a good time to decide on whether or not one should get up and go out and take sunrise pictures.  As the alarm is bleeping in the ear is NOT the time to decide whether or not it’s worth it to get up and go take sunrise pictures.

I let my flesh win out this morning…for 30 minutes anyway.  Oh the mental battle that raged in those 30 minutes! When I finally returned to my wise decision made the night before, I was running very late.  No time to load the gear and drive 10 miles to the optimal spot.  So instead, I just grabbed my iPhone, and drove out to the middle school at the edge of town.

It was totally worth it.  Mostly, because just being there to watch the sun come up is a gift in itself, regardless of whether or not I capture it in an image.    As it happens, I’m actually happy with the image, for the amount of effort I spent taking it anyway.  This is a shot taken 10 minutes before sunrise.  The sky was much prettier before the sun broke the horizon.



15 thoughts on “just enough is more than enough.

  1. That is a beautiful photo! I’ve been wanting to get up early too for a sunrise photo but I haven’t had the courage to wake up super early lol great job! 😀

  2. Fantastic colors! I think my bed would have won the battle for me. I’m sooo not a morning person, but this photo makes me think maybe, just maybe, I could be one for a single day 🙂

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