When my girls were little, before bath time every night, they would scream  “Put Towno on!  Put Towno on!”  So, in would go a song called The Fox, by Nickel Creek, and the dancing would begin.  One diapered, one in her undies, both laughing and spinning in the living room while they waited for the bath to fill.  It is one of my favorite memories of our wonderful little life with our little family in our little house in our little town…o.  (you’ll have to listen below to get the town-o thing)

Jenna found these shoes over break.  It’s the first pair both girls wore when they were 3.

her first pair

(can you tell the college girl went back to school two days ago? I’m feelin’ it, people)

here’s a link to the Nickel Creek song:


11 thoughts on “Towno…*sniff*

  1. This brings back such great memories of those two sweet girls. Brought a tear to gramma’s eyes. I had to listen to the song again and “sniff” too.

  2. Oh my kids used to love that song too–and that story song always made this children’s librarian wish she could sing!!John, John the gray goose is gone and the fox is on the town-o. . Thanks for the lovely memory for me too.

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