Raindrops on bittersweet also on cedar… (is Julie Andrews in your head now?)

Still loving this macro lens, though it isn’t easy to use.  My camera is new as well, so I’ve been experimenting with all of my focusing options.  I am slowly learning which to use when.  It has been windy the past couple of days, so getting these shots has taken a lot of patience, (which I don’t have) put much strain on the quads, (is it possible to do a half-squat and look lady-like, or even some semblance of “normal?”) given me a thicker skin due to the social media heckling from my neighbors watching me (you know who you are),  produced many many wasted shots, and has taken several cups of tea and coffee to get warm after being outside in the rain.   (My friend Mel gave me Downton Abbey Christmas tea how cool is that? I LOVE that show)

It’s all been worth it, though.  I’m learning a lot, and I feel happier because of going out and shooting.  I’ve definitely found a bright spot in this season of my life, so I’m thankful for that.

These are links from my flickr page.  When I link, for some reason the shots don’t look as sharp as if you click on the photo. Bummer for the perfectionist in me. But I’m gobbling up all my storage on WordPress, so I thought I’d try it this way for a while.




20 thoughts on “Raindrops on bittersweet also on cedar… (is Julie Andrews in your head now?)

      1. It does! I haven’t tried the macro on my camera. In fact, I just learned I had it. So I don’t know what kind of macro pictures mine will take. I am anxious to find out but it has been cold, rainy and windy.

  1. Love the juniper berries!! I love my macro lens . . . I could take photos of pieces of things all day long. Drives my family nuts. Did you play with the 1:1 resolution in LightRoom? Amazing!! Cheers!

  2. Gorgeous!
    And good information to hear you using Flickr. I am using up my space here quite quickly too. Thanks!
    I find with macro that I need a lot of light. And when you open up the aperture you lose depth of field. So to find the happy medium, you need to use a slower shutter speed. And then if you’re outside, things move around. It’s a very tricky technique (but one that I love). I try to use a tripod or rest my camera on something for macro. It’s difficult to focus when you are so close up because even the tiniest movements are magnified in the focus.
    Anyway, you’ve captured beautiful shots, they are stunning.

    1. yes yes yes and yes. i can relate to all of those challenges. fun to learn though 🙂 I was messing around with using my al servo mode, since things were moving. not sure yet what i think about that.

  3. Beautiful photos.

    I didn’t realize there was a storage limit for photos. I just checked mine. I’ve been blogging for 2 months and I’ve used 21% of my space. When I started my blog I toyed with the idea of self-hosting and decided just to go with the free platform for now. I guess I’m going to have to start revisit the idea of self-hosting.

    1. Yeah, I set mine up a long time ago but didn’t really use it until November. In a month and a half I’ve used over 25% of my storage. 😦 You can pay to upgrade and get more storage, but I’m going to wait on that.

      1. It’s expensive. It probably makes more sense to self-host. For me, I think it does. I’m going to be starting a second blog in the spring for gardening. If I put both on one hosting plan I think it will work out better than paying more for storage.

  4. Wow! What beautiful pictures! I know exactly what you mean trying to capture that perfect photo. I have decided that it is best that I just wander off by myself. No one has patience with me and my camera!

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