The flu has descended on the cornfields over the past couple of days.  It started with Mr. Cornfield (who’s recovered now), and has now spread to Little Cornfield.  We were supposed to have one of our Christmases today with The Mr.’s side of the family. He and the college girl went, but little C and I stayed home.

I’m thankful to Desley Jane, (the only frequently flying scientist I know btw–did anyone chuckle at my joke on day 1?  I did anyway) for inviting me to the B&W challenge.  I hope you all visit her wonderful blog and say hello!  The rules are to post a black and white photo every day for five days, and then on each day, invite someone to join you. Today I invite https://armchairsommelier.wordpress.com, the wine expert, former 8th grade history teacher, photographer, who makes me laugh, teaches me, and was born in the cornfields like me.  Well, she probably wasn’t literally born in a cornfield.  Nor was I. 🙂

Since I could not spend much time or venture too far to take photos, I picked up the old iPhone and snapped a photo of my dizzy, achy, but adorable patient.



15 thoughts on “B&W-AFLUZA Day 5

      1. Yes very much so. When I was at school, I wanted to be a maths teacher, so to go to being sales manager of a national company – a bit different! The travel is a bit of a killer (I manage Australia and New Zealand) but otherwise it’s great – great people, great robots, cool science, interesting projects. I’ve been doing the sales side for 10 years now, and been in science for 15.

  1. Thanks for inviting me . . . and for all your nice words! I’ll do my best . . . but I don’t promise to be timely. (Christmas Chaos may put a crimp in my plans). I was actually a high school history teacher (though 9th graders and 8th graders are pretty close on the emotional maturity spectrum)! And since I was born in Holdrege, NE (have you been to Holdrege?) . . . I think we can count that as a cornfield!! Cheers! P.S. Is there a specific tag for the B&W Challenge??

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