One of the fun bits about the B&W Challenge is that you are to invite another blogger to join you in posting a black and white photo every day for five days.  Today, I invite the wonderfully honest, sensitive, and fellow photo-therapy blogger https://crisisalive.wordpress.com/  to join me in this challenge.   🙂

The reader/writer/coffee drinker/piano player/movie watcher/napper-loafer  me loves gray days.  The photographer me is growing a tad weary of them, as we’ve had a fairly long run of no sun in December. But I went out anyway, and despite the dreary day, had a great time taking photos.   I went to three places around town, and as usual, got home and was surprised to see what my best shot of the day was.  It wasn’t the geese.  It wasn’t the wonderful old gnarled trees in the cemetery.  It was a fence next to the cemetery that I saw on my way out.  I’m posting the color version on my flickr page if you want to check it out.

barbed wire


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