Busy day here in the cornfields.  I have to bake cookies tonight, and as I was pulling out all of my stuff, I remembered I hadn’t done my black and white challenge.  So, the cutters are serving multiple purposes.  I will say, based on past experience and my woeful lack of cooking skills, that these pictures will look better than the cookies will look or taste.

Ok.  Before I get my Becky Homecky on and go bake with the teenagers, I nominate the creative and hilarious Justine from  http://eclecticoddsnsods.com to join in the posting-of-a-black-and-white-photo-each-day-for-five-days.

3C3A3620 - Version 2 3C3A3608 - Version 2 3C3A3595 - Version 2


13 thoughts on “B&W-APALOOZA Day 2

  1. Ohh la la lisa thank you for nominating me, what a Christmas buzz, now I should get snapping shouldn’t i. I must say your cutters certainly make me want to bake for sure, who doesn’t bake over the festive period? grins…thank you again, most humbled xx

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