gray days and…

The sun hasn’t shown itself in days around the cornfields.  Plus, it was too windy today, so I decided to search for creativity by putzing around the house.  I found it on top of my kitchen cabinets.  I’m happy with how the pics turned out, but I’ve been sneezing and my eyes have been watering since I pulled all of these down.   Apparently, as my teenagers would say, I have a “crap-ton” of dust covering everything.

I think I just found something for them to do.


15 thoughts on “gray days and…

    1. I love the way you think! I bet you could write an interesting and hilarious story about my dusty old pots as well. The truth: I mindlessly lined them up, not knowing quite what to do with them. Then I walked around them for about 10 minutes trying to find an interesting angle. Then I took 42 bazillion shots, and threw all of them but 2.

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