Motion and Blur

Day 13 of the Photo101 challenge is titled “Moment.”  We are to experiment with motion and blur.  I’m going to figure out what to shoot in the morning, and that will be the photo I tag and post in the Commons.

But the word “moment” got me thinking about one of my favorite last moments before things changed around here. I was trying to get my daughters to pose for a picture on our front porch.  We had already been taking photos in Lincoln that morning with my family, so I was pushing my luck to try and get more shots. As expected, the girls did not comply.  But their blatant attempts to thwart my efforts ended in the best pics of the day.

And then Jenna (on the left) left for college a week later.

Motion and blur.  That has been my life lately.  My body moves, but the rest of me can’t seem to see the way clear to keep up with all of this change.  And time just mercilessly charges forward, pushing and dragging us with it whether or not we comply. Taking pictures allows me to catch time and hold it.  As I now walk through days and weeks which are largely empty of sisterly silliness, I carry these precious, captive moments I snapped on the porch with me.

Hopefully, my girls will get giggle time again soon, because I can’t seem to make Sarah laugh as hard as Jenna can.

However, I also don’t seem to make Sarah as mad as Jenna does.

Not yet anyway.






14 thoughts on “Motion and Blur

  1. Wow !! Such sweet moments…. Its way better than a blurry vision,you have captured time itself in these snaps 🙂 Thank you for sharing fatherhood’s moments 😀

      1. Ooops !! I am terribly sorry,my forgetfulness about your ‘about me’ and your small round pic here,I thought you to be a guy in 20s ! My apologies…

  2. Seeing these pictures (which are amazing) makes us all want to capture the “moments” we have with are loved ones. I can see the love between these girls and i and know you’ve been an incredible mother. Blessings Lisa.

  3. You captured them perfectly and your commentary made me remember those days as well, when you and John left. It is a milestone in our lives and passes way too quickly! I love your ability to recreate these moments and carry them with you. You and Bart are amazing parents and they are amazing daughters,granddaughters, and people as a result. Keep enjoying your family with your incredible photography talent!! We are so very proud of all of you!!!!! Mom&Dad T.

  4. Love the picts 🙂 I actually like better those ones when the kids “don”t comply”, they tell much more, don’t they? Your daughters smiles are contagious, made me send a big love email to my sister 😉 Thanks for sharing!

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