“Converge” Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge

CONVERGEThis photo is in response to the Daily Post’s weekly challenge:  http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/converge/


Last Day– “Triumph”

I picked these photos for “Triumph” because I pushed through the cold weather, and the post-turkey stupor,  and my shoelessness (explanation coming) and made my family stop the car several times on the way home today to take pictures.  We’ve passed these places many times on the way to my brother’s house,  and I’ve often wanted to stop and take some shots.  Also, a big shout out to my husband for lending me his shoes while I got out and traipsed around.  My brother has a dog, and I had been running around the yard (aka Remington’s bathroom) and well…my shoes ended up in plastic bags in the back of the car.

This has been a really fun month, and I hope in a year I can look back and say this was a defining month for me.  Taking pictures has always been something that’s gotten pushed to the back burner for other things.  But it didn’t this month.  I feel like…well…more like “me” because of November 2014, and for that I say thanks to the WordPress folks, and to all of my fellow photogs.  Many of you have been lovely and encouraging to me.